Triggers for change


Open for Change is about new approaches to tackle the deep dividing lines in our societies. You can navigate your journey through the event along four programmatic lines:

  • Triggers for change
  • Tough dilemmas
  • Trial and error
  • Test the tools

Let’s be simple about it: ´Triggers for change´ is what we are looking for. The thinker looks back at street protests, riots or simply unexpected behaviour of people and wants to find out what made it happen. The activist mind wants to know which trigger one could possibly pull to activate citizens to claim their rights. We want to understand and find solutions.

Open for Change is the space to share insights of research on social change and successes from personal experience. We offer you the following sessions:



Sexual diversity and religion

Muhsin Hendricks, Michael Kimindu

How do you influence the debate on sexual diversity in your society and within your religion? Mushin Hendricks is an Imam and a human rights activist focusing on gender and sexual diversity in Islam. Michael Kimindu is the founder of Other Sheep Africa, a Christian Ecumenical Organization, which advocates for the acceptance and inclusion of LGBTI people in worship.

Other Sheep Africa#religion#sexuality#The Inner Circle

Engaging the crowd

Sonali Khan Violence against women is deeply connected to norms and practices in society. Breakthrough TV in India uses pop culture, multimedia, community engagement, and leadership training to shift those norms. Sonali Khan will show through the Bel Bajao (Ring the Bell) campaign how to reach big crowds, create dialogue and sustain commitment. Breakthrough TV#entertainment#modern icons#sexuality#tradition

Creative confessions

Rikko Voorberg

Rikko Voorberg from Stroomwest is playing with what is holy in order to challenge rooted ideas: “We take what was handed over to us (Christian, atheist, agnostic or anything) and break, build and mold until we find a path of our own. We recognize each other´s quests, appreciate one another’s creativity and make a connection when and where possible.”



George Gachara, Nikos Doulos

Both George Gachara and Nikos Doulos design creative and artistic programs and interventions as a strategy to trigger participation and debate. They will share examples and insights from their daily practice; George Gachara from his work with the Nest in Kenya and Nikos Doulos from his work with Expodium in the Netherland.

art#Expodium#interventions#playful#The Nest#urban

Making the future with foresight

David Harris

The Institute for the Future has practiced ‘ forecasting’ for more than 40 years. Insights gained through forecasting, combined with the current digital possibilities, participatory methods and openness to the realities of people from all walks of life opens unknown opportunities for better societies.
#empathy #forecasting #participation #technology

Let’s talk about sex

Anne Philpott, Firliana Purwanti

Changemakers Anne Philpott and Firli Purwantia share an openness on dialogue about sex and pleasure. Anne, founder of the Pleasure Project,  uses her activist  mentality and skills to put the sexy back into safer sex. Because sex education is rarely sexy and erotica is rarely safe. Firli Purwanti, author of the Orgasm Project collects the stories of Indonesian women on how they experience orgasm. To Firli orgasm isn’t only about sexual pleasure but also about empowerment and healthy, violence free relationships.
#art #campaigning #pleasureproject #sexuality

Engaging through film

Daniel Enger, Oby Obyerodhyambo

Global Dialogues: Intercreatively combining youth voice and social media for change in support of sexual and reproductive health and rights worldwide. In this session, Daniel and Oby will present and tell the story behind the Global Dialogues film Face Off – a thought-provoking, gloves-off confrontation of views on sexual diversity in sub-Saharan Africa.

Global Dialogues#Kenya#sexuality#youth

The power of design

Marcel Zwiers

Design is often seen as how things look. However design is far more than what you see on the outside. In this session we will investigate Design as an approach for exploring challenges and coming up with new and creative solutions for them. Design as a means to create value for people by putting them first.

Volt31#learning by doing#service design

Data visualization

Maya Indira Ganesh

We are bombarded by visuals and by information. How can activists, advocates and political actors use images to create change? About making simple, eye-catching products, creating a narrative with visuals and data and digging deeper through interactive digital formats. Maya Ganesh will be presenting data visualization tools from Tactical Tech’s latest book: Visualising Information for Advocacy.

Tactical Tech#tech

Unruly politics

Femke Kaulingfreks, Akshay Khanna

Unruly politics is about perceiving the rules of the political game differently. It is about the actions that people undertake who do not feel represented by dominant, institutional politics, nor by traditional social movements. Imagine that what we call ‘unruly politics’ carries the seed of social change – how can we nurture that seed?

Arab Spring#IDS#social change#street protest

Creative tools to combat sexual harassment

Jasmeen Patheja, Noora Flinkman

Jasmeen Patheja from Blank Noise and Noora Flinkman from Harrassmap both work in their own way with powerful online and offline tools to mobilize communities to trigger the public debate on the issue of sexual harassment.

Blank Noise#harrassmap#mobilization#sexuality#tech

Serious gaming

Paolo Ruffino, Klaas van Dijken

Paolo Ruffino of Leuphana Gamification lab and Klaas van Dijken of Butch & Sundance will talk about the use of digital games and gamification as tools for social change. Is it a hype of today’s marketing business or a fundamental shift in modern society? Come and find out for yourselves!

gamification#Butch & Sundance#Leuphana gamification lab

Organisation safari

An Kramer

The new owning is sharing, the new governing is transparent: improvise instead of control. Now is the time to bring your organisation to the next level, but how do you actually ‘do’ that? Work on this, instantly! Share questions, see things from different angles and experience the effect on the spot. Get future proof!

DeBaak#Fonkeling#opencollaboration#organisational learning