Test the tools


Open for Change is about new approaches to tackle the deep dividing lines in our societies. You can navigate your journey through the event along four programmatic lines:

  • Triggers for change
  • Tough dilemmas
  • Trial and error
  • Test the tools

Open for Change is the space where you can try and test different tools and ways of working. We offer you the following workshops:



Problem solving with LEGO

Erwin Verweij

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is a language, communication tool and problem solving methodology based on the belief that whenever people meet and work together, everyone can contribute to the discussion, the decisions, and the outcome. Join Problem solving with LEGO and see how you could use it to involve and motivate the people around you
#cocreation #communication tool #seriousplay

Sustainability through Gaming

Herman van der Meyden

The Perspectivity Game puts its participants in the shoes of national politicians. Each team is responsible for the expansion of a virtual economy on the game board. The growth process encompasses the issues that our world leaders are all too familiar with: growth spurts, limited resources, international negotiations, downturns and conflicts. Come, play and change the world!

perspectivity game#serious gaming#Shell

The Kumi method

Judith van den Boogert, Erik Slotboom, Laura Reijnders

Kumi is a participatory method for social transformation in conflict. ´Kumi´ is designed to bring conflicting parties together in a process of structured dialogue, working towards a new inclusive set of shared goals. By confronting participants with their contradictory attitudes and behavior at its deepest levels, the method works towards a sustainable strategy and action plan for the future.
#conflictresolution #dialogue #Kumi #social transformation

Visual change making

Manuel Sturm

Visual Changemaking is a set of visual working techniques that facilitate simplicity, clarity and honesty in change efforts. So bring your favourite pens and try out what “childish-doodling” can do to think more systemically and find a language for describing non-linear processes.



Dean Medina & Simon Hodges

Whoever you meet, your story enables others to buy into whatever you do. This workshop will help you uncover the bare bones of your story so you can apply it across all your communications. Words That Change works with leaders and entrepreneurs big and small, including speakers of TEDxAmsterdam.


Engaging in 3 seconds

Irwan Ahmett

A provocative and fun session about creative social campaigning. Irwan Ahmett is an artist and designer, interested in social issues and behavior changes. With his projects, he looks for opportunities to hack the public space and influence people. Learn his trick of engaging people with art and creativity.
#art #experience #playful

Coming to our Senses

Hendrik Tiesinga, Simone Poutnik Sensing means opening up to others and the world. It is the first major phase of the ‘U-process’, a transformative approach to societal innovation. This workshop helps participants understand how to become aware of their assumptions as they approach complex societal challenges with multiple stakeholders.

Assumptions#collaboration#Natural Innovation#Theory U