Side programme

exCHANGE boutique
Vrouwen van Waarde

Are you open for change? For one day in somebody else’s outfit, exchange one of your clothes or an ornament at the ‘exCHANGE boutique’ by Vrouwen van Waarde. Who’s gonna walk in your shoes at this festival?

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Refreshing encounters


Anne Nusselder is a theatre maker with one great passion: having refreshing encounters with total strangers and thereby for just a brief moment come very very close. Sanne Duijf is a great illustrator that catches the details from such an encounter in a drawing. You’ll receive a souvenir from your own life!

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Get Konnektid during Open for Change!


Konnektid is “social skill sharing”! With Konnektid, a web and mobile application, you will get to know people you don’t know yet, but who can teach you something, inspire you or help you solve a problem. Direct, live and at this event itself. 
”Let’s get a coffee and connect!”

#socialsharing #konnektid #learning #play

Listen Up!
Deejay Solo

Deejay Solo spins records. No style to square, no beat to deep. No rules, no regulations, just music of all times. Have a close encounter with planet Solo.
Ssschwing it baby!

#deejay #music #nr1djsolo

Documentary Making Progress

“Making Progress” is a documentary about change makers that explains how to be successful at innovation in order to make progress. In this story, told by themselves, we hear several innovators trying to find answers to the questions that are on their minds daily. Amongst others you can hear inspiring stories of a game designer, a food designer and a professional adventurer.
#changemaking #socialinnovation

Graphic recording

Oscar Westra van Holthe

During the entire event, Oscar from ModelMinds will capture people’s ideas and expressions—in words, images and color—as they are being spoken in the moment. Oscar will work large-scale at one of the walls in the room, so everyone present can see and engage with the content of the drawing as it unfolds. His visual maps will also be displayed throughout the event.

#graphic recording #visualizer